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About Conduct

Conduct will take place on the 20th (Lucid only) and 21st (Open to all) of May on the Flux field at the TU/e.

Conduct is open to all ages however 18- festival bands will be given to those who are underage.

Conduct has an electrifying experience, having artists from various genres such as house, techno, EDM and even disco every now and then. Check out our line-up on our website.

Of course, Conduct is a festival organized by students but set up for all. Bring your friends, loved ones and more.

The doors close at 21.00u. So makes sure that you enter on time!

It is possible to reach Conduct by almost all kinds of transportation. There are bike racks for those living in Eindhoven. For those coming by public transportation, you are able to come by train or bus. The festival terrain is 10 minutes walking from the Eindhoven central station.

Festival Terrain

It is not allowed to bring alcohol, drugs and weapons into Conduct. We have a zero-tolerance policy and if caught you will be removed from the festival terrain.

Only small bags like purses and fanny packs will be allowed into the festival.

No additional lockers will be provided so it is advised to bring as little as possible. However, lockers are available at the central station and in the university building, but be aware of their closing times.


Please send us an e-mail at and we will reach out as soon as possible and help your sort this out.

No, we cannot refund your ticket. We advice to sell it on ticketswap or to friends.

Need Help?

On the festival terrain there is a first-aid tent where you can receive medical help if need. There will also be crew, visible by their crew shirts, who are able to support you in case of emergency or general information.

Check out our house rules: House Rules Conduct

Join us!