Below you can find the timetable of this year’s edition! On the 12th of May these artists will jump from your screen, into your living room. With a variety of different music genres we bring you a mix of well-known and upcoming artists there should be something to everybodies liking. And of course we are very proud to present Mr Belt & Wezol as our headliners this year.

The timetable from this year’s edition is now being revealed on our Instagram page, so make sure to keep an eye on our socials!

— Timetable —

19:00-19:50 | Un1fied

19:50-20:30 | Elias Mazian

20:30-21:00 | Nelis

21:00-21:45 | Jumelage

21:45-22:45 | Mr Belt & Wezol

22:45-23:20 | Chet

23:20-00:20 | HO FAME

00:20-01:00| CPTN


— Workshops —

12:30 – 15:00 | Drones & Design – Stijn van der Hoek
Drones are commonly used tools within our society. Most of the time drones are associated with the army, but they also play a role in our medical care system and other important societal pillars. Besides that, lots of people use the drones they have at home to make pictures, videos or just have fun flying.
This workshop will dive into drones in design. During this workshop you will learn how you can apply drones as an Industrial designer. You will practice in making cinematic videos of for example your prototype and you will participate in a design case tackling a societal problem with the help of drones.
Of course the workshop will provide lots of opportunities to practice with flying a drone yourself, so don’t miss out on this one!

12:30 – 15:00 | Puzzles & Encryptions – Paul van Beek (Bureau Moeilijke Dingen)
Are you a fan of puzzles and solving difficult riddles? Then this is the workshop for you. Our friends from Bureau Moeilijke Dingen will give you a peek into the world of puzzles and encryptions. By taking you through 5 different phases of encryptions you will learn how these are made, how you can solve them and maybe even how to make them yourselves. During the workshop there is of course enough room to solve the encryptions yourself, so if you want to train your brain, make sure you subscribe for this one!
PS: Attending this workshop will give you a huge advantage to solve the encryption hidden in the livestream!

12:30 – 15:00 | Blender – Gijs Kusters (Motion)
Have you always wanted to be able to make awesome 3D computer graphics and animations? Then this is the workshop for you! During this workshop you will learn how to work with the free software: Blender. Expert Gijs Kusters from Motion will show you the ins and outs of the program and will teach you how to make animations of your own. Besides having this awesome skill, you can of course use the software to amaze your coaches with nice 3D graphics and animations in future projects. And last but not least, you might even see one of your creations end up in our livestream…
PS: Follow this link to see what Blender exactly is, and what you can do with it:

15:15 – 17:45 | Jamsession – Lucid Music Collective
Lucid Music Collective is collaborating with Conduct and we are planning an amazing workshop for you guys to join! Last year we had some amazing music related events in the bar, remember? One of them was a jam session where we all had a fantastic evening with drinks, fun and lots of good music. Well… we want to bring this back. And that is why we, Lucid Music Collective, are organizing an Acoustic Jam Session in collaboration with Conduct to start making music together again! You can bring your own instruments and start creating some music together with other musicians. From maybe even writing a new song, if you are feeling inspired, to just performing your favorite songs, so much is possible. We hope to see you there and are very excited to start making music together again!!

Location & Livestream

This year’s festival will be online edition. The livestream will be streamed via the platform Vimeo.

By buying a ticket you will receive the link to join the livestream to have an amazing party with us!

The livestream itself is recorded on 2 beautiful spots in Einhoven.

Location 1: Motion Imagination Experience

Location 2: POPEI

The workshops during the day are actually offline and will be given on the TU/e campus.